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Flawless Summer Skin

Hello sunshine!  While it’s great you’re getting more vitamin D than a few (cooler) months ago, we don’t want you to […]


Say Hello to Our New Brow Set

Keeping in the “New Year” spirit of renewal and refresh, we are thrilled to introduce you to our new brow set! […]


Real Trends: Festival Season Makeup

Unless you live under a rock without a smart phone, you’re probably aware that festival season has officially begun (thanks Coachella!). Even if […]


Real Trends: Oil Slick Lips

Back in the olden days—you know, before the Internet—trend setting was the domain of the rich and famous. Now anyone […]


Real Trends: Cleopatra Eye

Eyeliner dates back to the ancient Egyptians who wore thick kohl liner in an exaggerated almond shape around the eye to protect […]


Real Retro: Bonnie and Clyde, 1930s

Love retro style?? Check out the Bonnie & Clyde TV miniseries this Sunday and Monday (12/8-12/9) on A&E/Lifetime/History.  The early 1930s are […]

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