Category: Your Perfect Finish

The New Sponges: Flawless Finish

Each new sponge in our makeup sponge collection was designed with unique sides and edges to help you unleash all […]


Our 2 Favorite 2017 Lip Trends

2017 is officially here. And now that you’re getting used to the winter season, what better time to mix it […]


All About the Blush!

We love blush! No other product brightens the skin, adds dimension and gives a healthy glow all in one step. So […]


Prolong your Summer Glow

For many of us, the warm summer weather will soon be a thing of the past. Sigh… However, we still have […]


3 Must-Know Summer Beauty Solutions

YAS! Summer is finally here, which means you’ll probably be having lots of fun in the sun. But before you go on […]


Real Tips: Waterproof Your Makeup

Unless you’re a synchronized swimmer, you probably don’t need a full face of makeup while at the pool.  However, getting products to stay put in […]

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