Category: Your Enhanced Eyes

New Eye Brush Duos

Who doesn’t love a dynamic duo? There’s Lucy and Ethel, Burt and Ernie, Lorelai and Rory and our very own […]


3 Step New Year’s Eve Eyes!

New Years’ Eve is the perfect night to wear a statement eye, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a […]


4 Eyebrow Mistakes to Avoid

The brow trend is not going anywhere, anytime soon. And while everyone loves a bold brow, it’s important you don’t go overboard. […]


Real Tips: How to Apply a Cut Crease

So, what exactly is a “cut crease?” It’s the makeup technique of cutting across the crease of the eye with […]


The Modern Cat Eye

The classic cat-eye (aka winged liner) has evolved from a very specific retro look to a very versatile trend. Whether it’s a […]


Real Trends: Bright Eyeliner

We love black winged out eyeliner–it’s as classic as a little black dress–but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up […]

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