Finding the perfect gift for all of the babes in your beauty crew is only a few clicks away…

The Real Techniques 2017 Holiday Gift Sets are here!  With so many beautiful sets to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect one for everyone on your list.

Pick the gift set for any beauty junkie according to her makeup personality:

 The Illusionist

She always looks polished and pulled together, yet her makeup is undetectable. You assumed that she was blessed with a flawless complexion until she told you otherwise. Trends she likes: focused concealing and no makeup makeup.

+color corrector set ($19.99) includes 4 brushes and 4 mini sponges in colors that coordinate with key color correctors. It’s easy to keep track of the designated brush and sponge for each corrector, eliminating cross contamination of products and streamlining the process.

The Sculptor

She uses a mix of textures to accentuate and define her features. Your lit-from-within friend has a drawer filled with light reflecting products that she can’t live without. Trends she likes: strobing, the halo eyemixed textures

+all about that glow ($19.99) 2 double-ended brushes (4 brush heads) and 2 sponges that seamlessly blend all of your creams, powders and liquids in a snap.

+illuminate and accentuate ($29.99) 5 essential brushes and 2 sponges that give you everything you need to spotlight and sculpt your features.

The Colorist

She has an eye for color that allows her to choose cheek and lip shades that pop her features and brighten her complexion. Trends she likes: cheek drapingcherry lips.

+drape + color ($24.99) 4 essential brushes for blending color on the cheeks and lips, with a sculpting sponge and portable mirror for easy touch-ups on-the-go.

The Diva

Her makeup game is fierce, fabulous and flawless. Her idea of a ‘natural look’ is going sans false lashes, and there’s no color too bold or bright. Trends she likes: cut crease, glitter eye, and high gloss eye makeup.

+full coverage essentials ($29.99) 4 new brush cuts and a dual-ended sponge for full coverage application over the face, cheeks, eyes and lips.

+eye glam set ($14.99) 4 precision eye brushes (and a chic storage cup) to help create show-stopping eye trends.

The Innovator

She doesn’t follow directions because she prefers to find new ways to use things. The trends she likes: lipstick as blush and stick formula makeup.

+ultimate sponge collection ($49.99) 12 essential sponges that can take you from prep to finish, dewy to matte or sheer to full coverage.