There are times when you can do your makeup and enjoy the process, but let’s be honest, during the holiday season those times are few and far between. And for those nights we have your plan of attack for looking fierce, fast.

Keep it simple and focus on applications that will make an impact in a dimly lit room.

These are our tips, tricks and products tips to help you go from bare skin to glam in 5 minutes flat:

Main Focus—Eyes 

Choose a stick formula eye shadow in a rich blue, green, plum or chocolate and pair it with a powder shadow that is highly reflective (glitter shimmer, metallic). Try Nars Cosmetics Velvet Shadow Stick in Sukhothai or Glenan paired with Anastasia Beverly Hills in Prussian Blue.

+Take the stick shadow and run over the upper and lower lash lines—don’t worry about perfection, it’s all about the blend! Grab your instapop shade brush and work shadow out towards the orbital bone creating a soft gradient. Go back with your instapop crease brush and buff out the edges along the crease and outer corner, then use your precision smudge brush to smudge pigment along the lower lash line through outer corner and extend to the crease.

+Take the instapop crease brush and pick up the powder shadow on the flat side of the bristles. Press the powder over the lower lid allowing the creamy shadow to grab onto the powder pigments. Apply over the entire lid or limit it to the center of the eye for a halo eye effect.

+Run a black eye pencil along the upper water line (optional: lower water line) and over the upper lash line to sharpen the look.

+Fill in brow as needed but keep them on the natural side, then apply mascara liberally.

Cover and Highlight

Select a soft matte or natural finish foundation like Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick and a creamy concealer for under the eyes.

+Sweep under the eyes, down the nose, and around the mouth. Pick up your blend +blur foundation brush and buff over skin with a circular strokes for flawless full coverage in seconds.

+Highlight and sharpen the entire eye area with creamy concealer and your concealer brush. Smooth concealer under the eye and extend to the outer edge of the eyebrow. Then use the straight edge to sweep over the top of the brow, down the tail to complete the framing of your eye. Blend out the edges down to the tops of your cheekbones with your deluxe crease brush. Because the concealer is slightly lighter and more opaque than foundation you’ll end up with a natural highlight.

Color and Dimension 

Choose a versatile cream color (like Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Raspberry) to brighten your complexion and add dimension.

+Brush cream onto the tips of your blend +blur cheek brush and glide over cheekbones for an effortless blend of color.

+Press pigment onto the center of your lips and blend out along the perimeter with your lip brush.