Finding the perfect lip color may be the first step, but proper technique makes all of the difference. Regardless of your preferred lip style, check out our pro tips for flawless lip application:

Proper Prep 

Whether you want a matte finish or high gloss, a smooth, hydrated lip is the first (and very important) step!

+Hydrate. Incorporate lip conditioning into your everyday skin care routine. Apply lip treatment in the morning and especially before bed to prevent the dry lip cycle. (we love the soothing and hydrating Rosebud Lip Salve)

+Exfoliate. When needed, exfoliate your lips. Do this when your lips are already wet, like after washing your face or brushing your teeth, so skin is soft and pliable. Take a dab of lip salve onto your lip smoothing brush and run over your lips gently to remove dry skin and stimulate blood flow. Top with more salve or your favorite lip product and you’ll notice a visibly plumper lip.

+Moisturize. Apply lip moisturizer at the beginning of your makeup routine to allow time for absorption.

+DON’T lick your lips to moisten them, it does the opposite. Carry a lip balm with you, and apply when the impulse to lick hits.

Artful Application

Build the perfect pout with light layers of product. It may take a little extra time, but it will look better and last longer.

+Lip gloss is an easy on-the-go look, but it fades quickly so allow an extra minute to prime your lips with a nude lip pencil. Line the perimeter and fill in the center of the lip with a light stroke. Grab your lip blur brush and blend the pencil from the outside perimeter down toward the center of mouth. Finish with your favorite gloss.

+Bold lips are beautiful, but maintaining the color without fading or smudging can be tricky. #Protip: Use a felt tip stain in lieu of a liner. Trace over the lip line with short strokes then fill in the rest for stay-put color that won’t smudge or smear. Allow stain to dry, then apply your favorite lip color to the center half of your lips and use your lip brush to distribute an even layer of color up to the outer edge. Add additional layers until lip is evenly saturated then go back with your lip fan brush to finely blend around the lip line.

+Matte liquid lip formulas are not blendable, so resist the urge to press lips together during application. Start with a hydrated lip (not greasy) and use a lip liner in the same shade over the perimeter of the lip to lock-in the lip shape. Take a small amount of liquid from the container and smooth a light layer over majority of the lips, then use your lip lining brush to precisely apply product over the lip liner. Allow the first layer to air dry, then go back with additional layers if needed.

Flawless Finish

If you watch a pro MUA do their thing, you’ll notice that they often step back from their client and stare at them for a few seconds. This is when the pro is analyzing their work and are asking themselves, “how can this look even better?” Here are the common tweaks that elevate your lip game:

+Highlight the shape. Go around the lip line with a touch of liquid concealer on your lip brush, then soften the edges with your lip fan brush.

+Perfect the perimeter. Set the skin around your lips and blur the lip line slightly with pressed powder. Roll your lips inward until just the outside of lip is visible and press translucent powder over them with the flat end of your miracle complexion sponge.

+Smooth out the finish. If your semi-matte or matte lip formulas are looking dry, dab a creamy formula (not gloss) over the very center of lips in the same shade to keep the center of lips hydrated without changing the overall matte finish.