There are a zillion different Halloween looks that range from funny/cute to pretty/handsome and of course, nightmare-inspiring.

So, if your #halloweengoal is to look like a psychopathic super-villian and scare the candy corn out of people, then check out Nic’s new Joker Tutorial.

Nic breaks down Jared Leto’s Joker look into simple steps with items that you might already own (except the green hair spray!)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. green wig or green hair spray. Do NOT use spray on blonde hair.
  2. medium to full coverage foundation in a color lighter than your skin tone
  3. red and purple cream color: try Ben Nye F/X Color Wheel, or stick with lipstick or cream eye shadow
  4. rusty brown eye shadow
  5. red eye liner: MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in Basic Red
  6. black liquid liner (preferable felt tip)
  7. silver eyeliner (non-toxic)


Here’s how to create the look:

Pale Pallor

+Work foundation over skin, brows and lashes with your expert face brush. Use a dry miracle complexion sponge to build coverage where needed to achieve a flat gray cast all over the skin.

Eerie Eyes

+Take red and purple pigments from your color palette onto your shading brush and liberally apply around the entire area and over the lips—no need to blend out the edges for this messy look!

+Turn to your regular makeup kit and find that rusty brown eye shadow that you never use (messy fall out is real) and press over the eyelid with your deluxe crease brush. Use your base shadow brush to buff pigment toward the brow, and then from the inside corner through the under eye indentation (where we usually cover darkness with concealer).

+Run a red eye liner pencil over the lower water line.

+Go back to your base shadow brush and run under your cheekbone (as you normally do with your contour) with the remains of the pigment to carve out a pronounced skull shape.

+Sharpen the outer corners of the mouth with your red liner pencil.

Freaky Finish

+Sketch the word ‘damaged’ on forehead and ‘J’ on the cheek with a point-tipped liquid liner.

+Go back with the red and purple pigments used on eyes and add a few scars through the eyebrow with your fine liner brush.

+Optional: take a non-toxic silver paint or eye liner and run over the front teeth (dry with cloth) for an extra gruesome finish!