If you’re looking for a simple Halloween makeup in the spooky-but-pretty genre, check out Sam’s new Sparkly Clown Tutorial!

Don’t have enough time to watch the whole thing? Check out the highlight reel:

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. medium to full coverage foundation (lighter than your skin tone)
  2. two cream eyes shadows (medium and dark hue) in pink/plum family (try Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Wild Orchids)
  3. black eye pencil
  4. black gel liner
  5. pointed liquid liner
  6. false eyelashes
  7. powder foundation or matte setting powder
  8. cool-toned highlighter (like Colourpop Monster Super Shock Highlighter)
  9. loose glitter (try Ulta Beauty Face & Body Glitter)


Here’s how to create the look:

Flawless Full Coverage

+Work a  foundation over the face and neck with your expert face brush. Go back with a miracle complexion sponge and press foundation onto any areas that need extra coverage.

Sparkling Eyes

+Blend the light color cream over your lower lid with your shading brush, and work through the center of brow (don’t worry about it being neat!).

+Switch to the base shadow brush and blend out the edges of the pigment into a narrow triangle. Run along the lower lash line and pull down to a point under the center of the eye. No need for symmetrical eyes this time, you’re free to make one side longer on purpose or by accident.

+Run the darker eye shadow over the lash line with your shading brush and through the center of the upper and lower peaks to add depth. Extend shadow in a vertical line beyond the outer and inner corner then go back to the base shadow brush to soften the edges.

+Sweep a black eye pencil along the lower waterline and place a few stripes down the center of peak and blend in with your base shadow brush.

+Coat your fine liner brush with black gel liner and draw on a neat winged-out liner over top lashes to keep the look pretty.

+Use the tip of your fine liner brush to apply dots up the center of the upper and lower peaks, start with large dots and gradually reduce the size toward the peak. For finer dots, use a sharp point liquid liner.

+Put more *pretty* in the look with a coat of mascara and then apply a set of false lashes.

Chiseled Cheeks

+Use the sharp line of your square foundation brush to sweep the light cream shadow under the cheekbones for a dramatic contour. Buff out the edges with your setting brush and sharpen the jaw line with a sweep of pigment.

+Press a powder foundation under the contour with a damp miracle complexion sponge to enhance the shape.

+Run an iridescent highlighter over the tops of cheekbones with your setting brush and use a clean shading brush to run along the bridge of the nose.

Finishing Touches

+Dab loose glitter over the top of the dot design with a damp precision smudge brush.

+Go back to the shading brush with the cream shadow and run over lips (extending slightly past the corners) and over the tips of the nose.