Saying goodbye to the summer season can be tough, but transitioning into your fall/winter makeup routine doesn’t have to be.

Ease into the season with a few simple tweaks:


Before we get into makeup changes, it’s crucial to evaluate your skin and adjust for changes in your complexion. The long-wear, matte finish products that stayed in place in the summer, can look dull on dry skin. Even if you have predominantly oily skin, it’s possible (and common) to have areas of your skin (under eye, chin, forehead) that need more hydration. Customize your concealer and foundation to transition with the weather:

+Smooth a hydrating primer and/or under eye cream over skin with your prep brush and let it absorb into skin before applying foundation and concealer.

+Adjust liquid foundation: Mix one part face lotion into 4 parts foundation on the back of your hand and blend together to create a hydrating formula.


Customize your foundation. Healthy glowing skin is always in style, but we tend to want more coverage in the fall and winter than the summer months. As the weather fluctuates you may not be ready to buy a full coverage foundation, however your can adjust your coverage by swapping out your brush/sponge.

+If you apply your liquid or cream foundation in the summer with damp miracle complexion sponge or buffing brush, swap to the expert face brush or dual-ended expert sponge to step up your coverage.

+If you prefer a sheer coverage look, but still want to perfect and highlight certain areas check out the focus concealing technique check out the how to spot conceal.


Transitioning into a fall look really depends on what your summer look was, right? Burgundy lips may be a fall trend but if you are a nude lipstick girl that may not be a great option for you (or maybe it is?) Whatever your unique style is here are some suggestions based on your summer look.

Summer Palette: Golden Goddess — shimmery bronze, gold and apricot as a pop of color.

Fall Option: Stick to the warm tones, but choose earthy neutrals like terra-cotta, burnt orange and dusty pinks in matte or semi-matte formulas. Pair with a cool grey eyeliner to define the eyes and a muted peach for the lip.

Summer Palette: Pretty in Pink—opalescent shimmer shadows, cool pink like peony, watermelon or magenta on the cheeks and lips.

Fall Option: Stay in the color family but choose go for warmer tones like mauve, berry, burgundy shades in a matte, cream or velvet finish.

Summer Palette: Bright Color—saturated pigments on eyes, cheeks and lips.

Fall Option: Keep the colors bold, but choose shades with a little more depth like jewel tones. Swap out your ocean blue or neon green eyeliner for a sapphire shade or emerald hue. If statements lips are your go-to try a deep plum, black cherry or oxblood this season.