Elaborate eye trends like unicorn eye shadow and neon eyes may be popular on Instagram, but we’ve noticed that more and more celebrities are simplifying their eye makeup looks for red carpet and televison appearances. We adore contrasting colors, cut creases and dark smokey eyes, but the one shade (monochromatic) eye shadow look is a refreshingly simple style that can be dressed up or down.

Follow these steps for a monochromatic eye that can go from daytime to evening:

Step 1. Choose a neutral shade(s) slightly deeper than your natural skin tone in a matte or velvet finish.

Recommended skin tone shades:

+Fair to Light: taupe, dove grey, heather, peachy brown

+Medium: khaki, mauve, plum, terracotta

+Dark: chocolate, burgundy, olive, raisin

Step 2. Apply shadow over lower lid (on bare skin or eye primer) with your soft shadow brushBuild coverage with light layers moving up toward the crease or higher up onto the orbital bone. The ultra lux filaments pick up pigments effortlessly—there’s no need to tap off excess—and lay down and blend over the lid with diffused precision.

Step 3. For more definition at the lash line, add a deeper shadow (in the same hue) around the lash line. Take shadow on the point of your point xxs or xs brush and work over the roots of lashes letting the tapered cut blend out softly as your apply.

Step 4. Easily transition into an evening look with a layer of metallic shimmer or glitter shadow in the same shade. Use your soft shadow brush to apply a layer of sheen all over the lid or use your point xxs or xs brush and press shimmer over the center of the eye, inner corner or accent around the lashes.

Step 5. Enlarge and open up the eyes with long wispy lashes. Curl your lashes then apply several layers of your favorite mascara. Remove any clumps with your lash brow groomer.

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