One of our favorite red carpet trends of the 2017 season is minimal makeup with a red lip.

Stars like Lilly Collins, Priyanka Chopra and Brie Larson chose an eye-catching lip color with an understated eye to achieve an overall standout look. And guess what? This also happens to be the *perfect* look for your next black tie affair.


Follow these steps to replicate the fresh formal look:

Flawless Red Lips

Whether you want a matte, stain or creamy finish, keep your lip color in place with lip prep and prime:

+ Start with exfoliated, hydrated lips to ensure a smooth, even finish. Apply an emollient lip balm (like Kiehl’s Lip Balm), then use your smoothing brush to exfoliate skin and work product into the lips several hours before the event.

+ Select a lip liner or a lip stain marker (like Kiko Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker) in a similar or slightly lighter shade than the final color. Apply over the entire lip and use your lip blur brush to press product into the lips. Re-apply until the pigment looks even.

+ For a creamy or shiny texture, layer on product with your lip brush. And, if need be, use your lip pencil to perfect the lip line.

+For a matte, velvet or stained lip, apply product with your lip brush (or directly from the applicator) over lips and use your lip blur brush to blend along the lip line for a soft focus finish.

+ Set the makeup surrounding the lips. Gently roll lips inward to expose the perimeter of your lips and apply a dusting of powder over area with one of your mini complexion sponges.

Natural Finish Skin

+ Start with a light to medium coverage foundation with a natural finish (not dewy or matte) and apply over face with a damp miracle complexion sponge. If you’re wearing your hair up and need coverage on your jawline and neck, blend down the neck in vertical strokes and go back with your expert face brush to buff out the edges for a seamless transition from face to neck and chest.

+ Spot conceal where you need extra coverage and apply a natural flush of blush along the cheekbones for a lit-from-within look.

Soft or Simple Eye

Choose one color to apply over entire lid for a soft definition that complements your lip color. Lilly Collins paired a soft rose eye shadow with a creamy red lip, while Priyanka Chopra combined a golden bronze shimmer shadow with a deep velvet red lip.

+ Sweep shadow over upper lid with your medium shadow brush and blend out the edges with your essential crease brush.

+ Apply a tight gel liner over the base of your lashes with your fine liner brush and soften the line with your shading brush for soft focus definition.

+ Curl lashes and apply several coats of mascara for a natural looking lift, and to balance out the colorful lip.