Smokey eyes and winged-out liners are red carpet staples, but we noticed a lot of celebs switching it up with a new two-toned eye trendapplying a different color on the top and bottom lids and lash line line to create an eye-catching contrast.
While many eye trends match the upper and lower lash line, the two-toned eye trend is all about breaking the “matching” rules and getting creative with your color pairing!

Before we get into the looks, let’s go over the basics of color theory:

+ Complimentary colors fall on the opposite side of the color wheel and contrast each other. For example, if you have blue or green eyes, choose shades like copper, bronze and burgundy. And if you have brown eyes, reach for vibrant blue, green and purple hues. The more saturated the color, the more dramatic the look will be.
+ Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel and fall into what we would call a color family. Choose blue, green and grey to harmonize with your blue and green eyes, and opt for bronze, browns, golds and mahogany to coordinate with brown eyes.
We have chosen a few of our favorite color pairings, but we encourage all of our #RTists to share their unique color combos with us (just tag us using #RealTechniques!).

Analogous Mix

Choose similar colors, but feel free to mix up the textures and style.
+ Apply a navy gel liner on your top lid using your fine liner brush, making a slight flick at the outer corner. Take a shimmery gunmetal shadow on the tip of your point XXXS brushplace onto the roots of the lower lash line and move brush back and forth, allowing the angled shape to create a soft gradient of color.
+ Sweep a copper eyeshadow (like MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Havana) over your top lid with your point S brush for a sheer wash of color. Next, apply a layer of shadow over your lash line with your point XXXS brush for extra intensity. Finish your look by sweeping a golden bronze eye pencil onto the the lower waterline.
#ProTip: If you prefer intense color, try the same techniques with purple, violet, peacock blue or emerald green.

Complementary Combo

Regardless of your eye color, one shade will be analogous and one will be complementary —  so you can’t go wrong!

+ Apply a brown eye crayon (like Maybelline 24HR Concentrated Crayon in Creamy Chocolate) over the mobile lid and blend up toward the crease with your point XXS brushApply a vibrant teal or blue eye pencil along the lower lash line to pull emphasis to the bottom of the eye, or flip the shades to pull focus to the upper lashes.

+ Apply a satin or cream army green or blue-gray shadow (like Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Mildew) over your upper lid with your point XS brush (for extra definition add a dark brown or green eyeliner). Then, layer a metallic rust shade over the lower lash line with your point XXXS brush.


We want to hear from you! What color combos work for you?