Our new MultiTech Collection gives you one universal cut in multiple sizes, so you can choose the size that works best for your unique look and style.

The proprietary MultiTech bristles have a brilliantly tapered cut for optimal color pickup and effortless blending. And, like all of our brushes, can be used for liquid, cream or powder products. Pair them with your existing brush and sponge collection or use alone to create limitless looks.

Here’s the breakdown of the MultiTech Collection:

point L: This versatile brush is all you need for flawless coverage and a healthy glow! Use to apply liquid foundation, bronzer, highlighter, blush or a setting powder. Just dip the tip of the point into product and sweep onto the skin, allowing the tapered sides to do the blending for you.

point XL: When you want a light, natural finish, use the XL to sweep on your primer, moisturizer and blush. The larger brush head will give you a more diffused application.

point XXXL: This lush and large brush is just the thing for applying powders over your neck, décolletage and body. Take a powder bronzer on the point of your brush and swirl from your chin down your neck, chest and shoulders to extend your bronzed glow. Use to dust on shimmery powders over your body or to apply sunless tanning products evenly, without staining your hands.

point makeup sponge: Use damp or dry (depending on the level of coverage you desire) to apply liquid or cream foundations. Squeeze the sides and use the point to apply cream blush with a tapping motion to press into skin for a natural finish.

small point set: Includes 4 brush sizes for precise application and blending for all of your unique looks:

Point S: all-over shadow, concealer, contour lines, highlighter
Point XS: color correcting, concealer, crease shadow
Point XXS: detailed highlighting, detailed shadow, lip blending
Point XXXS: brow filling, smokey liner, smudged liner, lip detailing

Play up your makeup and tell us how you use the points #realtechniques #mymultitech