Wearing neon eyeshadow and liners is nothing new, but the latest neon makeup trend uses white or light metallic lines to highlight a vivid shadow giving 3D effect.

The Insta photos and tutorials can be intimidating, but all it takes is a few strategically placed accents for a look that will light up any room.

Here are two simple ways to get a neon glow this summer:


Neon Liner

Start with an even canvas: Apply a flesh-toned eye primer over your entire lid with your base shadow brush, then use the same brush to apply a nude eye shadow.

Create a color gradient: Choose a vivid eye shadow pencil (like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil) and draw a thick line ending in a dramatic wing. Take a small brush like your shading brush or point XXXS and soften the edges of the line, while maintaining the shape.

+ Draw on the highlight: Dip the tips of your fine liner brush into a white gel liner (try Tarte cosmetics waterproof shadow liner in white) and sketch along the center of the eyeliner, repeating until the line is opaque.

Add the glow: Take your precision smudge brush and carefully soften the edges of the white line into the eye shadow to complete the luminous effect.


Simple Cut Crease

Start with a blendable shadow: Sweep a flesh tone or white eye shadow over your entire lid with your point S brush.

+ Build up color in your crease and wing: Select a vibrant color (try NYX Primal Colors Pressed Pigments Face Powder in Hot Pink). Next, run your shadow through the crease with your essential crease brush, extending up toward the outer brow. Switch to a smaller brush, like your point XXXS, and apply the same pigment from the outer lash line to join the crease line to form the wing shape. Soften the shadow with your essential crease brush, then go back with your point XXXS and build the intensity of the pigment into the outer corner, blending between applications.

Add the wing: Take a white or light shimmery liquid liner (like Urban Decay Razor Sharp Longwear Liquid Liner in Bump) and outline the crease and winged liner within the shadow. Reapply until the line is opaque. Allow to dry. Finish with a light sweep of your essential crease brush through the crease and wing, for a hazy glow.