If the no-makeup makeup trend sounds like an oxymoron, that’s because it is. But calling it the how-to-look-great-without-your-makeup-being-noticeable is a little wordy, so the shorthand will have to do.

The key to no-makeup makeup is to find the sweet spot where you apply just the right amount of product to give you a brighter, healthier, younger, and well-rested look. All while keeping your makeup pretty undetectable. You’ll know you’ve mastered the look when people say things like, “You’re so lucky, you have such great skin,” or “My eyebrows don’t grow in like yours…” Whether you choose to tell them it’s makeup or not is entirely up to you…

To help you go for the natural glow, here’s our no-makeup makeup guide:

Skin Care

In order for makeup to look “natural” it needs to look like part of your complexion. And that is only possible with well-hydrated skin. So, choose a moisturizer or face oil that suits your skin type and smooth all over your face with your fingers or your prep brush. Allow enough time (2-5 minutes depending on your skin type), for your skin to absorb the moisture before applying your foundation.


Sheer coverage is easy if you have flawless skin, but most of us need a little coverage here and there. If you have tinted moisturizer, blend over your skin with a damp miracle complexion sponge, for a thin veil of coverage. Or, you can spot conceal with a natural finish foundation (go ahead and skip the matte and luminous formulas). Take a dab of foundation on the damp point of your miracle contour wedge and press onto the area that needs coverage – undereye, eyelid, around nostrils or under your chin. Finally, smooth into the surrounding skin with the flat edge of your sponge and repeat the process as needed.

#Pro Tip: If coverage looks too heavy, re-wet sponge and press over skin to restore your skin texture.


Choose a non-shimmer cream blush in a muted pink, peach or berry, and work onto the apples of your cheeks with your fingertips. Then, blend into the surrounding cheek area with your blush brush or miracle finish sponge. Don’t have a cream blush? Browse your existing lipstick collection (your barely-there lip color may work for cheeks as well).

Eyes and Brows

If you have naturally dark and defined lashes and brows, you’re all set! For those who are follicle-y challenged or light-haired, go ahead and fill in your brows (keeping them on the “light” side) and sweep on mascara. For a little more definition, run a soft brown eyeliner over the top lash line and blend into the root of the lash line with your smudge brush.


Keep it simple: Sweep a sheer lipstick or tinted balm over the lips then work into the lips with your lip blur brush.


We want to hear from you! What are your no-makeup makeup tips or tricks? Share in the comments.