Each new sponge in our makeup sponge collection was designed with unique sides and edges to help you unleash all your favorite looks. Whether you want to embrace your inner #bossbabe, channel your bronzed goddess or rock red carpet glam, our 8 *new* sponges will help you #ExposeYourEdge with ease.

We broke down our sponges into 3 categories–Cover + Correct, Beyond Makeup and Flawless Finish–making it easy to see their primary function at a first glance.

But since all sponges work with liquids, creams and powders, you can ultimately use their unique cuts and edges any way you like. Plus, our sponges are made from a latex-free proprietary formula that delivers “just right” softness—soft enough to absorb and apply the perfect amount of product, but firm enough to remain durable over time. Sponges can last up to 3 months with proper care and cleaning.

Flawless Finish

miracle finish sponge

+ This sponge is similar to our miracle complexion sponge, but is slightly smaller and more porous to make it ideal for blush. Make sure to dampen the sponge before applying your blush, and feel free to use either powder, liquid or cream product. To build up color, continuously work in the blush.

+ Use the pointed end for blending blush, or even for dabbing on concealer or contouring.


miracle contour wedges

+ Start by using the precision tip of the sponge to apply color. Then, tilt the sponge on its domed sides and allow the sponge to do most of the blending work for you. If you want to buff it out even more, use the flat side of the sponge in circular blending motions for a natural look.

+ Thanks to its compact size, the miracle contour wedges are perfect for throwing into your makeup kit (and the flat edge is a great tool to apply powder on-the-go).


miracle blotting cushions

 + Apply powder to the blotting cushions to dab away excess oil throughout the day to recapture your shine-free, matte finish.

+ Use without powder to smooth out concealer or remove oil like a blotting paper. #Pro tip: Use a translucent powder to avoid a cakey finish.

+ Blotting cushions can fit into your pressed powder compact and are the perfect replacement sponge for cushion foundation compacts.