Each new sponge in our makeup sponge collection was designed with unique sides and edges to help you unleash all your favorite looks. Whether you want to embrace your inner #bossbabe, channel your bronzed goddess or rock red carpet glam, our 8 *new* sponges will help you #ExposeYourEdge with ease.

We broke down our sponges into 3 categories–Cover + Correct, Beyond Makeup and Flawless Finish–making it easy to see their primary function at a first glance.

But since all sponges work with liquids, creams and powders, you can ultimately use their unique cuts and edges any way you like. Plus, our sponges are made from a latex-free proprietary formula that delivers “just right” softness—soft enough to absorb and apply the perfect amount of product, but firm enough to remain durable over time. Sponges can last up to 3 months with proper care and cleaning.

Expert Cover and Correct 

dual-ended expert sponge

This hybrid sponge allows you to apply a full coverage expert look in minutes. Cover, conceal and contour with a simple flip of the wrist.

+ Use sponge completely dry to apply medium- to full- coverage foundation (cream, liquid or powder). Place product on the flat orange side and smooth onto skin, using the point to build coverage where needed with concealer.

+ Turn sponge over and use the pink edge to draw on contour. Rotate to a clean edge and buff pigment into the surrounding area. Turn to another clean side and press highlighter onto the tops of cheekbones, cupids bow or bridge of nose.



mini miracle complexion sponges

They may be mini, but they have a multitude of uses and are the perfect size for on-the-go touch-ups.

+ Cover blemishes or touch-up areas that need more coverage throughout the day (around the nose mouth and eyes). Dip pointy tip into concealer and press lightly over blemish, then use the flat side to set with powder.

+ Smooth out creasy concealer using the bare flat edge. Or, press powder onto shiny areas without dulling the contour or color on your cheeks.

+ Clean up makeup mishaps that happen while applying or during the day: messy eyeliner, fallen eye shadows, bleeding lip colors.

+ Match a color with a product to avoid using your “clean up” sponge as your “powder sponge.”