The high-gloss eyelid has been an aspirational look for decades. We’ve loved it on the runway, in magazine editorials, and in music videos (like this one). And, with an influx of eye gloss products hitting the beauty aisles, shiny lids are quickly becoming a mainstream look.

While the new eye gloss products are specifically designed to wear on the eye (unlike lip gloss and Vaseline), they still have a sticky feel and will move around more than traditional shadows.

So how do you wear this look without looking like a goopy mess?

It’s all about applying light layers of the right products.

The NYFW Spring 2017 runways were filled with glossy lids in a variety of styles so we took our 2 favorite looks (the ethereal and the edgy) and broke them down for you!


Ethereal Eye Gloss

Who Gets Credit: Gisel Calvillo for AreaNYC.

Why We Love It: Sheer gloss doesn’t crease and it’s super versatile. Use it alone, layer over a shadow, or combine it with a pigment or glitter when you really want to amp up the dimension.

How to Apply:

+ Place a small amount of an eye gloss (like MAC’s Studio Eye Gloss in Clear as Glass) on your ring finger and dab onto the lower eyelid. Product will transfer to upper lid naturally and this will create a sheer layer of gloss. (Note: Don’t expect to immediately see a “wet” look. Light needs to bounce off the gloss for maximum dimension).

+ Next, dip the side of your shading brush into a pigment or glitter (like MAC’s Glitter in Reflects Transparent Teal). Press onto the center of the lid and blink several times to distribute glitter.  Want more shine? Add more glitter a little at a time until you have a look you love!

Edgy Eye Gloss

Who Gets CreditTom Pecheux for Altuzarra.

Why We Love It: The sooty look has a chic yet effortless vibe, so if the gloss moves or creases, it looks intentional.

How to Apply:

+ Use your definer brush to apply something (like MAC’s Fluidline Blacktrack Gel Eyeliner) around the upper and lower lash lines. Keep the line ultra thin on the lower lash line to avoid a “black eye” effect.

+ Apply a layer of gloss (we recommend MAC‘s Studio Eye Gloss in Next Up Neon) over the mobile eyelid and lower lash line with your shading brush. Then, smudge the black liner into the orange gloss to warm up the black pigment and soften the look.