Wearing pigments in the same color family on your eyes, lips and cheeks is one of the easiest ways to look chic this season.

Stars like Olivia Culpo (genetic lottery winner!) stunned on the red carpet in monochromatic tones, but it’s also an easy signature look for women who want to look professional and pulled together in a snap.

Okay, so sounds great, but what’s a color family?

A color family is a group of hues that share a root color, like blue, red, green, or yellow. But don’t worry too much about the definition because we’ve removed the guesswork, with suggestions for one product to use on your eyes, lips and face. How’s that for easy?

Sorted by skin tone and color, here are our product picks and a few bonus tips for mastering monochromatic makeup.

Fair to Light Skin 

+ Sand-washed peach: MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush 

+ Pale plum pink: Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Lip and Cheek Color in Perfect Pink

Dusky taupe: Bite Beauty Multistick in Gelato

Medium to Tan Skin 

+ Raspberry: Mlk Makeup Lip + Cheek in Berry Bite 

+ Terracotta or peach: Bite Beauty Multistick in Praline or Papaya

+ Shimmery coral and rose gold: Nars Multiple Stick in Puerto Vallarta and G-Spot

Dark to Deep Skin 

+ Rich coffee: Bite Beauty Multistick in Anise

+ Deep burgundy: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Chocolate Cherry

+ Poppy red:  Nars Matte Multiple Stick in Siam 


You’ve got the perfect shade, now what? Well, all of the multi-use products we suggested go on as a cream or stick so it’s important to blend into skin for a diffused monochromatic look.

+ Always apply to dewy skin. Whether it’s freshly applied primer, moisturizer or foundation, the pigment will glide on evenly instead of sticking to dry skin.

+ Apply a sheer layer directly from the tube. Use your fingers or run the tip of your favorite brush or sponge over the edge of product and smooth or press onto skin.

+ If the color is too bold, place a small amount of foundation on the flat edge of your mini eraser sponge and press over blush to subdue the color.

Tweak the Texture

Using the same formula on your eyes, lips and face may require a little adjusting, depending on your skin type and desired finish.

+ Multi-use formulas can be a little dry for the lips so apply a lip balm before or a sheer gloss after for a creamier finish.

+ Not all of the multi-use products should be used on your eyes, but most work well when applied as a sheer wash. Sweep creams over the lid starting at the lash line and blending up with a larger eye brush, like the medium shadow brush or the oval eyeshadow brush. Set with a similar color powder if needed to mattify the lid.

+ The brush or sponge you use can modify how sheer or opaque the color appears. Use a brush with dense bristles or a smaller sponge (sculpting brush or miracle sculpting sponge) for a higher color payoff. Use looser brushes or a damp sponge (duo fiber brushes or miracle diamond sponge) for a sheer wash of color.