We’ve all seen the uber organized and immaculate makeup vanities on Pinterest and Insta, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a designated space to apply your makeup? And… no, your car doesn’t count!

Regardless of your space (or lack there of) all you need is a little surface area and a mirror. Then just follow our guide below to curate your own lovely, pristine vanity.


Clean is Beautiful

There’s no point in creating a beautiful vanity to showcase dirty brushes and makeup.

+Wash your brushes using a brush cleansing palette and brush cleansing gel to easily clean your brushes.

+Wipe down the outside and inside of all of your products with a rubbing alcohol or a glass cleaner. Don’t forget your mirror too!

+Sharpen those pencils, then immediately clean out your sharpener.

+Remove lids and wipe off the excess liquid or cream or powder around the opening.

+Keep a pretty paper guest towel over working area to catch makeup debris.

Function and Form

Find storage solutions that are practical and pretty!

+Group similar items together according to use and shape, it will instantly look better and speed up your routine.

+Store your brushes and pencil products in whimsical cups or mugs. (P.S. Our new sets will each come with a bonus brush cup to help with this.)

+Palettes, compacts and tubed products look clean and crisp in an organizer, which come in a couple of different shapes and sizes.

+Don’t forget a docking station (like the iSkelter Beauty Station) for your phone or tablet! It makes it super easy to watch all your favorite tutorials with your beauty tools nearby.

Personal Touch

The hard work is over and now you can add little flourishes that represent your style and make you smile.

+Place makeup-inspired artwork around or on your vanity table—framed pics of makeup inspo, quotes or even shopping bags, decor blocks or old school polaroids.

+Glass apothecary jars, decorative trays, glass vases either for decor or to hold flowers or makeup products.

+And a few beautiful perfume bottles, powder compacts, pretty soaps and lotions for a touch of chic, with a side of practicality (because we all want to look and smell our best, right?).


Now, we want to hear from you! What’s on your vanity?