The brow trend is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

And while everyone loves a bold brow, it’s important you don’t go overboard. Because, while a v. bold brow might be great for a night out, the everyday bold brow should be *a bit* subtler.

Make sure to keep your brows in check by avoiding these 4 common mistakes:


First Mistake: Your brow product is noticeable

It’s normal to see some makeup on your skin from a few inches, but not a few feet away.

Solution: Apply pigment (gel, pencil, powder) with light feathery strokes and use your brow spoolie to blend thru hairs and over the skin. Next, sweep a brow gel over brows to remove excess product and keep them in place.


Second Mistake: Your brows look a bit like tattoos

Don’t try to make your brows look too identical because it actually ends up looking artificial. Brows should look like hair, not a solid block of color.

Solution: Minimize eyebrow differences (thicker brow, higher arch, longer tail) with a few light strokes, but don’t overdraw one brow to match another. Avoid a uniform look by only filling in brows where necessary, like bald spots–which you can fill in by drawing on “hairs” with a tinted brow gel and your 202 angled liner brush.


Third Mistake: Your brows don’t match your face

Enhance, darken, and even exaggerate your brows, but don’t change your natural shape. Eyebrow trends change, but if you have straight brows don’t draw in an arch, or vice versa.

Solution: Adapt your eyebrow technique to your eyebrow shape. For squared brow shapesadd definition at the head, draw on short hair-like strokes with your brow pencil, and blend lightly with your brow brush for a natural looking fade. For pointy arches, accentuate the edge of your arch, but stick to the natural shape. And for an over-extended tail, go ahead and enhance the tail of your brow (especially for evening looks), but be careful–if you overextend it, it *can* bring the eye down or look droopy.


Fourth Mistake: You over-highlight your brows

There are many ways to accentuate your brow shape, but you don’t need to do all of them, all of the time. Outlining the entire brow with a concealer is time-consuming and can look obvious for every day looks.

Solution: Use a concealer that matches your skin or is a tad lighter to even out the skin above the brow. Then, use your deluxe crease brush to blend out into the forehead and set with a transparent powder.


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