If you have just 5 minutes to create your Halloween look, we have an eerie, but easy look for you: the porcelain doll.

Don’t have enough time to watch the whole thing? Check out the highlight reel:


Flawless Base

Start with a foundation that is a little lighter than your complexion and work over skin with a damp Miracle Diamond Sponge. Use the flat side to push product over the large areas of your skin, then use the point to get into the smaller spots.

Press a highlighting powder over your entire face with a miracle complexion sponge for a doll-like reflective surface.


Enhanced Eyes

Sweep a neutral matte eyeshadow (mauve, stone, plum) through the eye socket with your 203 tapered shadow brush to add depth.

Work a white eyeliner over the lower water line.

Run a black gel liner over the upper lash line with your fine liner brush to define the eye.

Next, run a wet brow spoolie over a clear bar of soap and work soap up and through the brows. Let dry.

Draw a fine line along the lower lash-line with your fine liner brush.

Apply individual lashes (like Ardell Individual Lashes) along the bottom lash-line. Nic alternates between medium and short sizes.

Dip a wet eyeliner brush into brown eye shadow and sweep over brows to add pigment and texture.

Apply a dramatic set of false lashes on the top lash line.


Perfect Finish

Take a shimmer powder with a glittery finish and dust over the skin with your duo fiber contour brush.

Find the brightest blusher you own and pop a healthy amount on the apples of the cheeks.

Overdraw the cupid’s bow and bottom center of your lip with a pink lip liner for a doll-like pout. Then define the shape with a darker red liner.

Add white eyeliner in the center of lips and run a sheer red lip gloss on top to reflect light.

Run the white eyeliner of the center of eyes and finish with a touch of mascara.


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