We love blush! No other product brightens the skin, adds dimension and gives a healthy glow all in one step.

So let’s get back to basics.

Blush comes in a variety of formulas and textures, but regardless, we have a few brush recos to help you get the type of definition and finish you want:


Blush Brush

Our award winning blush brush is our go-to for delivering an everyday, effortless-looking flush over the cheeks with your favorite powder or cream blush. Swirl the tips into your powder or cream (like MAC Powder Blush/Rossy De Palma) and apply over the apples of the cheeks and up the cheekbone in small circular strokes, buffing out the edges for a flawless, high-def finish.


Stippling Brush

For those who prefer a very natural look, the duo-fibers in the stippling brush deliver a sheer, feathery finish. For gels or creams, dip the tips of your brush into pigment and “stipple” (press lightly in a circular pattern) along your cheeks. Then, use circular strokes to blend out into the surrounding area. When applying a powder, dip the tips and make circular strokes on cheeks, allowing the shorter bristles to blend while the long bristles apply.


300 Tapered Blush

The tapered design is ideal for those who have petite features or when you want a sculpted cheek look. Run the tips of your 300 tapered blush brush up the middle to top of cheekbone with a powder (like Revlon Powder Blush) or cream, then go back and use small circular motions to blend out slightly, for a seamless finish.


Miracle Diamond Sponge

When you want a dewy finish, the miracle diamond sponge is the perfect tool. Dampen one of the larger sides of sponge and roll into a cream or gel blush (like Pixie Sheer Cheek Gel). Press and roll onto the cheek area and use one of the sides of the sponge to blend out the edges.

#Pro Tip: If you apply too much blush, rather than wipe it off, stipple a bit of foundation over the area with a sponge for a “lit-from-within” finish.