The newest contour trend “draping” is a throwback to the old 80s technique of using layers of blush to create a sculpted cheekbone. Legendary makeup artist Way Bandy literally wrote the book on it back in the day, and his old friend Marc Jacobs is bringing it back to the runway with his eponymous makeup line.

Now, if you remember 80s-style makeup (or have seen the photos) you may be a little hesitant to embrace this look. However, when you put a modern spin on it (natural shades and blending) it can be a great way to visibly lift your cheekbones in a fresh way.

Follow these steps for a chic, modern version of draping:

  1. Choose a light and deep shade of blush in the same color family (pink, peach, red, plum).
  2. Dab the tips of your 301 flat contour brush in the darker hue and tap off excess. Use your finger to feel the point where your cheekbone meets your hairline. Position brush half way up the bone tilting into the hollow below and pull brush down, with the angle stopping at the outside corner of eye.
  3. Blend out the lower edge with a clean 300 tapered blushThen use the brush to sweep the lighter shade over the top edge of the deep color, moving up and over the bone, so the color gradually lightens.
  4. Repeat above steps for more definition.


Recommended #RealTrend for the following:

Round face or full cheeks: the blush pulls focus to the top of cheekbones, to give the illusion of a longer, more balanced face.

Sculpt dark skin tones: deep vibrant hues will beautifully accentuate deep skin.

To brighten olive skin tones (with peach “draping”).


Not so much for…

Light skin tones that have a pink undertone or angular faces (can look harsh instead of fresh).