Have you ever tried to replicate a runway or editorial look only to have it go horribly wrong? If you’ve ever swiped a shiny salve or gloss over your cheeks or eyelids to create that super dewy look you saw once in a magazine, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Fortunately for all you “dewy” lovers, there are several new products on the market that are designed to gloss your face without the sticky, smeary mess!

Here’s our how-to guide for wearing a face gloss:

Get Dewy

Start with clear skin or a light layer of liquid foundation.

Squeeze a dollop of face gloss (like Milk Makeup Face Gloss) onto your concealer brush and sweep over the tops of your cheekbones.

#ProTip: Product goes on a little sticky so pull hair back for a minute or two until it dries.


Mix it Up

Create a shade of your own by mixing gloss with your favorite eye shadow, cheek or lip color.

Dab a dot of gloss on the back of your hand or palette, pick up a little pigment with your blend + blur shadow brush, foundation brush or retractable lip brush and swirl into gloss.

#ProTip: Apply light layers and allow drying time.


Keep in Mind

Less is more. Limit gloss to one small area to avoid looking oily or sweaty. Spread a thin line on top of cheeks or apply sparingly to eyelids.

Not for everyone. Skip this trend if you don’t like the feeling of anything sticky, have oily skin or live in a humid environment.