Unless you live under a rock without a smart phone, you’re probably aware that festival season has officially begun (thanks Coachella!). Even if you know nothing about any festival, you’re sure to spot the festival trends: a little boho, a few temporary tattoos and a whole lot of accessories.

Fashion-wise, we’re seeing cut-off shorts, flimsy printed tops and anything with feathers, fringe or crochet. Meanwhile, the makeup looks range from a natural sun-kissed visage to face jewels and full-on glamour.

But if spending a small fortune to hang out in the sun with 100,000 other people isn’t quite your jam, here are a few ways to embrace the festival style in your own comfortable (and climate-controlled) life:

Flash Tattoos

Temporary tats used to be child’s play, but companies like Tattly and Flashtat have stepped up the game with original artwork that you wear like jewelry. Wrap an intricate metallic cuff around your wrist, or a geometric body chain down your back, for an eye-catching look. Just press on to clean skin with a wet miracle complexion sponge and 30 seconds later you have temporary body art.

Face Paint and Jewels

Face jewels and face paint may seem a bit much for everyday, but in moderation they can be a festive look for day or night. Just remember to follow these #ProTips:

  • Choose one area to accent: eyes, cheekbones or eyebrows.
  • Map out design with a creamy concealer and your detailer brush (it’s much easier to tweak a flesh tone!).
  • To apply jewels, squeeze eyelash glue onto a palette or hand mirror and use your silicone liner brush to dab onto skin. Pick up jewel with tweezers and lower onto the glue dot. Keep a few makeup wipes handy to clean glue from tweezers and brush after application.
  • Want to paint your own design? Pick a cream eye shadow (like Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Eye Gelin white, teal, gold, or orange and use your fine liner brush to apply.

Desert Goddess

This look is all about accentuating the bone structure with tawny brown eyes and cheeks (think Michael Kors Spring Runway or Gisele on the beach!).

  • To achieve a tan look, choose a large brush like your powder brush, swirl tips in a matte bronzer, tap off excess and run over the cheekbones, forehead and bridge of nose and chin. Blend lightly along your neck and collarbones for consistent color.
  • Grab your duo-fiber eye brush and sweep the same bronzer over lids, starting on the moveable lid and blending out toward the brows.
  • Pair with mascara and a neutral lip color to finish look.