Back in the olden days—you know, before the Internet—trend setting was the domain of the rich and famous. Now anyone with enough social media followers can become an influential tastemaker (we should know!).

One of the big Instagram trends we are enamored with this spring is the “oil-slick lip.” Inspired by the swirl of iridescent colors reflected when oil is layered over water, this lip look requires multiple coatings of creams and/or powders and high shine gloss.

Here are our tips, tricks and products tips for oil slick lips:


Heavy Spill

A dark gray/black lip with shimmery green gold in the center of the lips.

  • Layer a black lipstick (like OCC Lip Tar in Black) over inner 2/3 of your lips and use your lip brush to blend toward the lip line for a precise application.
  • To create that stunning 3D effect, layer 2 iridescent glosses (Inglot AMC Lipgloss #541 and #546) onto lips.  To avoid transferring lipstick into your applicator, roll a dollop of gloss onto the back of your hand and use a detailer brush to apply over the lipstick. Experiment with the placement of gloss to for a variety of results. Concentrate gloss on the bottom lip or the center of lips, swipe one gloss first then layer the second on top.


Full Spectrum

An intense mix of blue, green and gold and purple that result in an iridescent rainbow.

Try one of these techniques and post on Instagram with the hashtag #MyRealTechnique. We can’t wait to see the results!