Beauty products come in a variety of shapes and textures, but the trend that we’re loving right now is the makeup stick! Why are we so smitten with cylindrical cosmetics? Here are our top 4 reasons:


Sticks may vary in length and width, but their uniform cylinder shape makes them the perfect product for saving precious space.


No more messy spills or broken glass in your makeup bag.


Breeze through airport security without switching to smaller containers.


Just wipe off the top layer of the tube to remove dirt and bacteria.

For optimal results, we recommend using the following brushes to apply each “stick” product:

  • Stick Foundation: First, work a primer or moisturizer over your face using an expert face brushso the product glides on effortlessly.  Next, apply light swipes from the stick down the center of the nose, under eye, forehead and chin. Then, buff out toward the perimeter of your face using your expert face brush.
  • Eye Shadow Pencil: Sweep the pencil directly over the lash line then blend up, toward the orbital bone, with your base shadow brush. Repeat process for extra saturation or coverage.
  • Contour Stick: Use the tip of the contour stick to draw a line along the underside of your cheekbone, forehead, jawline or anywhere else you’d like to “sink back.” Then use your scultping brush to blend the edges into surrounding skin. For smaller areas or features use your concealer brush.
  • Blush Stick: Swipe directly from the stick or press onto skin with your finger tips. Then, make light circular strokes using your cheek brush to distribute pigment along apples and along the middle of the cheekbones. If the color is too vibrant, stipple over the area with the expert face brush, using the the residual foundation left on the bristles, to subdue the color.