Posts from 2015

Real Tips: BFF Gift Guide

Getting together with friends to swap gifts this season? Instead of shelling out major money for giant, individual gifts, why […]


Where to Find the Ultimate Gift Set

We’re pretty sure the best way to start any Monday is having a Twitter party with Sam + Nic, right? […]


Real Trends: Cleopatra Eye

Eyeliner dates back to the ancient Egyptians who wore thick kohl liner in an exaggerated almond shape around the eye to protect […]


Real Trends: 70s Boho Chic

Boho Chic has been on-trend since the early 2000s, but recently it’s reached a new level of sophistication. The 70s inspired boho trend […]


Real Tips: Last Minute Halloween Lashes

Yikes!  Those Halloween parties that “require” a costume are right around the corner and you have no time to think about […]


Real Trends: Heavy Metals

Looking for a little drama this autumn? Layer deep wine shades over a luminous gold tone for a bold, metal look that will stay in […]

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