Yikes!  Those Halloween parties that “require” a costume are right around the corner and you have no time to think about a costume let alone create one…  Relax, just pick out a pair of fun false lashes, add a few strokes of eye makeup, and you’re good to go.

Here are 6 fabulous falsies to try on Halloween:

  1. Lush black feather lashes can be worn on the upper and lower lashes for an alarmingly exotic look. Forget costume makeup–sweep a metallic eye shadow over your eyelid using your base shadow brush, apply lashes and finish with a thick black eyeliner.  Try Makeup Forever Artistic Eyelashes (1).  Not sure about lash application?  Check out Sam’s Phoenix Costume Tutorial and she’ll walk you through it.
  2. Colorful animal print lashes like these from Ali Express (2) can be worn alone with everyday makeup or paired with theatrical paint to create a full cat face.
  3. The flamboyant peacock has long been a lash inspiration.  Pop on a pair, like these from Yandy (3), and check out Sam’s Color Block Tutorial for a vibrant eye look that’s easy to wear.
  4. Intricate paper lashes create a 3-D look that can be worn as a nod to the holiday or as part of a bewitching face with these from Amazon (4) and Paper Self (5).  Check out Nic’s Fashion Week Tutorial for a festive eye makeup look.
  5. If bling is your thing surround your peepers with diamonds (okay, rhinestones), like this pair from Rickysnyc (6). And don’t forget to check out Pixiwoo’s Masquerade Party Makeup for step-by-step lash application tips.

Images: Eyeshadowlipstick.com