This Halloween, Sam uses pointillism (dot art) to create a whimsical skull look that is super easy to replicate.  

Sam takes you through the steps of this creative look in her new video.

You need quite a lot of different brushes to paint dots of different sizes so if you need to use one brush for multiple colors, always use for light colors first.

Here are Sam’s tips, tricks and product picks:

Bizarre Base

  • Sweep on a foundation with your expert face brush so you have a good base to layer upon.  Sam chooses Maybelline New York Fit Me! Foundation ~$6 (1).  If you are going to go lighter with the body and neck, use a foundation that will match and don’t forget your ears!
  • Suck in your cheeks to reveal your underlying bone structure and sweep a cream contour into the hollows of the cheeks with your contour brush.  Continue to outline the skull shape along the natural indents on the side of mouth, temple and forehead.  Sam uses Illamasqua Cream Contour Pigment in Hollow ~$26 (2).
  • Grab your shading brush and run the same cream into the crease of your eye and add extra depth with a layer of contour powder like Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Powder ~£7 (3). Switch over to your deluxe crease brush to darken and blend the color out.  This doesn’t need to be perfect, just follow the hollow of your eye bones and ignore your eye brows.

 Creepy Colors

  • Now we will work on top of our blue print with some colors!  Start with a white face paint and your shading brush. Dab on dots in a random pattern, but keep the white dots in the areas that we want to keep light.  Sam’s choice is Snazaroo Face Paint in White ~$9 (4).
  • Place smaller dots along the lash line and eye lid with black grease paint and your pointed liner brush.  Sam recommends MAC Paint Stick in Black, Basic Red, Genuine Orange, Landscape Green, Rich Purple ~$22 (5).
  • Continue with different colors, switching brushes to create different shapes and sizes.  Place a deep purple shade around the black dots with your accent brush — don’t worry about being perfect, we will mix the colors up a bit anyway.  Outline the eyes with red paint on your smudge brush. Follow with orange around the red with your accent brush.
  • Run black along the center of the mouth and outline with orange.  Finally, add some white along the jaw and black points on the sides of nose tip.
  • Start to mix up the colors with random spots along the face, using the fine liner brush for dark shades.

 Freaky Finish

  • Emphasize the hollow of your eyes with false lashes on upper and lower lash lines.  Sam wears Eylure Lashes ~$8 (6).
  • Finish the look with placement of white paint along the center of face and lips.

Have a great Halloween and don’t forget to clean your brushes thoroughly with our brush cleansing gel!