In the heat of the summer, the contour trend can look and feel heavy…. so, lighten up with the new “strobing” trend.  No strobe lights are necessary, just strategically placed products that bounce light off of the skin.

Here are 4 ways to “strobe” this summer:

  1. First Base.  Unlike the dewy look which is an all over glow, strobing only works if there is a contrast against a matte surface.  Choose an oil-obsorbing formula like Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation (1) and apply all over face with your 101 triangle foundation brush then add a second layer over the center of face and under the eyes which tend to absorb makeup faster.  The matte texture acts like a contour, so any area that you want to underplay (blemish, uneven texture, discoloration) will recede and take a back seat visually to the luminous areas.
  2. High Planes.  Choose a flesh-toned luminizing stick and sweep over areas that the light hits naturally—the tops of your cheekbones, center of nose, above the cupid’s bow in thin stripes—any place you want to accentuate.  Blend out the edges with short strokes of your 300 tapered brush for a seamless finish.  Try No 7 Intant Radiance Highlighter  (2).
  3. Light Dusting.  A powder like NYX Cosmetics Illuminator Radiant in Ritualistic  (3) will stay in place longer on oily areas or complexions.  Sweep onto the cheekbones with the tips of your 300 tapered blush brush (4) and for tighter spots (nose and mouth) use the tips of your 301 flat contour brush to apply product.
  4. Sheer Shine. We love products that multi-task!  A clear or tinted lip balm like Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach (5) will add a light reflected sheen without any added shimmer.

Images:  Archetype Mag