Of all the personas, the Bombshell is easiest to gift since she can always use more fabulous things—more is more!  She takes great pride in her appearance and it shows; she oozes a confident femininity and adores anything that shimmers.

Here are 8 great gift ideas for your glam girlfriend:

  1. To look fetching all day long a girl may need an occasional touch-up.  She’ll adore the Bobbi Brown Mini Eye Palette ~$35 which has a mix of matte and shimmer shadows for primping on-the-go.
  2. A beautiful set of brushes like Nic’s Picks Brush Set ~ $30 is the perfect gift for the gal who is a makeup lover.  She’ll always appreciate more tools for her makeup kit! Find it here.
  3. A little fairy dust goes a long way…  Give her a sparkly face powder like Lancome Poudre de Lumiere ~$58; the flecks of sparkle can be applied to the face and body for a dazzling effect.
  4. Pop an expert face brush ~$9 in her gift bag, and she’ll enjoy pixel-perfect application of powders, liquids and creams.
  5. Wrap up a Bobbi Brown Highlight Powder in Bronze Glow ~$45 for your friend so she can have a warm, rosy glow for the holidays.
  6. Smelling good is part of the bombshell allure, so give her a delicious smelling candle like A&A Vanilla Candle ~$15.
  7. Give the romantic bombshell a heart on her phone so she won’t have to wear it on her sleeve!  Check out the Bando iPhone 5/5s Case ~$25.
  8. No diva is caught dead without her lips on!  Gift her our retractable lip brush ~$6 and she can apply anywhere without leaving a mess in her bag.