Wide-set eyes may be a beauty ideal, but there are women who would like to minimize the space for a more balanced look. Simply adjust your eye makeup technique to create the illusion of wider or closer set eyes.

Maximize the size and space between eyes:

Minimize size and space between eyes:

  • Shadow.  Sweep a medium shade like caramel mocha (2) across the lower lid with your base shadow brush, blending in toward the bridge of nose.
  • Liner.  Apply dark eyeliner (3) evenly across upper and lower lash till they meet in the corner of eye.  The dark shadows will recede the area and give the illusion of a shorter, smaller space.
  • Brow.  To bring your eyes closer together, extend brow subtly toward the center of face with a soft taupe liner (4).

Images: Vogue Italia, Flare Magazine