Sequins and sparkles and rhinestones, oh my!  Women have been adorning their faces with jewels for centuries so why not try a modern version this holiday season?

A strategically placed sparkler may not work for everyday, but it’s a simple way to create a fantastic party visage.

Here are 2 ways to apply face jewels:

  1. Small self-adhering gems are the no-mess way to add a little face bling.  Use a pair of tweezers to remove gem from packaging, and press onto dry skin or makeup.  Not every gem will stay in place all night, so add a few extra ones to your design for back up.  Try Claire’s Face Gems (1).
  2. Larger face jewels will need to be glued onto face individually for a wearable effect.  Keep your work surface neat and clean, by using a compact mirror as a palette.  Squeeze a dab of clear lash adhesive onto surface and add a few crystals.  Dip the tip of pixel-point eyeliner brush (2) into glue and dot onto skin in desired spot.  Select stone with your tweezers and press onto skin lightly for a few seconds.  This application can be made easier if you have a friend apply them to your face while lying flat.  Try Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Clear (3) and Makeup Forever Strass (4).

Images:  Chanel, Pinterest, Pinterest