The winged-out liner or “cat-eye” is a tried and true makeup look, but you can make it your own when you mix it up with different colors, textures and shapes.

Whether you want to be subtle or make a statement, a little pigment in your eyeliner is a simple (and fun!) way to play with color this season.

Here are 2 ways to wear a colored liner:

  1. Classic Twist.  Choose a matte gel liner in a deep shade of blue, plum, green, or gray.  These hues define the eye and the subtle color remains appropriate for day.  Apply a flesh-tone eyeshadow over lid with your base shadow brush then apply a thin line along your lash line with your fine liner brush (1).  Start with a thin line and adjust the width and shape according to personal preference.  The thicker the line and the more exaggerated the “wing”, the more evening the look becomes.  Try Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Deep Navy (2).
  2. Night Shade.  For a special occasion or evening look, swap out colorful eye shadows and smokey eyes for a festive eyeliner.  Go for a vibrant hue, shimmery metallic, or sparkly gel liner and apply along your lash line with your fine liner brush.  Build up liner gradually off of that tight line, instead of drawing a thick line and filling in.  Use each line as a guide for the next to create a smooth even line and extend the “flick” gradually toward the outer edge of brow.  Remember, even pros make mistakes!  Clean up with a cotton-swap and makeup remover.  Try Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Ivy Shimmer (3).

Images:  Neiman Marcus, Flare Mag.