Confused about contouring?  You are not alone!  Sam breaks down the basics on facial contouring in her new video.

There are a variety of face shapes but most people fall into one of the following: heart, round, square or oval. While there is no perfect face shape, oval is often seen as the optimal shape because of it’s symmetry.

Contouring your face is not a must-do and it can be tricky to do correctly.  However, if you would like to subtly tweak your face shape, Sam will show you how to “sink” an area (recede) and/or to bring an area forward (highlight) with her tips and tricks below:

Define Cheekbones:

  • Dip the tips of your contour brush (1) into a matte contour powder and apply down from the tip of the ear toward the corner of the mouth using small circular strokes.  Sam’s Tip:  Use your stippling brush to finely blend out the edges of the pigment.  Sam uses Sleek Makeup Face Form ~$8.50 (2).
  • Visibly “lift” the pinnacle of the cheekbones—sweep your setting brush (3) and a sheer highlighter across the high points of your cheekbones.

Minimize Forehead:

  • Shade the edge of the hairline with your contour brush and contour powder.
  • Pull attention to the center of forehead with a light sweep of highlighter on your setting brush and then soften edges with your stippling brush.

Shorten Face:

  • Apply contour along the top of forehead and along the lower chin line.

Narrow Face:

  • Apply contour all along the outside of face.

Soften Jaw:

  • Apply contour the outside edges of your jaw line.

Narrow or Straighten Nose:

 Enhance Brow Bone:


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