Fashion week isn’t just about fashion!  The beauty industry is heavily influenced by the creative and often over-the-top makeup worn by the runway-stomping models.  Each look is thoughtfully crafted by a star makeup artist, to enhance and complete each designer’s collection under bright lights and flash photography.

For most of us, bleaching our eyes brows or framing the eyes with hot pink lip liner isn’t practical for everyday (or any day!), so here are a few ways to translate these inspirational looks into a more conventional style:

  • Alexander Wang.  Beautiful skin and sculpted out cheekbones are always in style. Apply foundation flawlessly with your Expert Face Brush, then sweep a pale blush on your cheeks with your Blush Brush.  Use circular movements on and under cheekbone for a ethereal glow.
  • Thakoon.  Translate a modern flapper style to a feminine and flirty look.  Slightly lengthen brows to create a straighter and thinner appearance, then add a youthful flush of pink on your cheeks.  Keep eyes light, but add a pink lipstick or gloss to brighten your skin.
  • Donna Karan.  Other-worldly eye makeup is fun for runway, but make it practical by choosing a more neutral color.  Smudge a medium plum, blue, green eye shadow and your upper and lower lash line with your Accent brush.  These softer colors will “pop” your eye color without overpowering your face.

Images:, Nars