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Summer to Fall Transition Tutorial

winged liner and a bold lip

Nic shows us how to transition our summer look into a chic fall look by adding winged liner, warming up her cheeks and creating a show stopping lip.

Swatches + Tricks Makeupkit Tutorial

Swatches + Tricks Makeupkit Tutorial

get the best from your new palette

An in-depth look at each product in the kit, with tips on the brand-new pointed liner brush - available exclusively with the purchase of a palette.

Makeup for Mom Tutorial

Makeup for Mom Tutorial

Solutions for Maturing Skin

Sam + Nic create an everyday look on their mum with tips + tricks for mothers everywhere.

Modern Natural Makeupkit Tutorial

Modern Natural Makeupkit Tutorial

your everyday look redefined

Sam creates a natural look with a warm, shimmery gold eye + a peachy pink cheek.

Night Owl Makeupkit Tutorial

Night Owl Makeupkit Tutorial

for a stunning nighttime look

Nic creates a statement for a night out with a smokey eye using purple + grey tones.

Fashion Week Makeup Tutorial

Fashion Week Makeup Tutorial

2014 Autumn/Winter Makeup Trends

From runway to everyday, Nic shows us how to wear Christopher Kane’s glowing base, Tom Ford’s distressed smokey eye and Prada’a soft, red lip from London Fashion Week AW14.

Solutions for your Winter Beauty Woes Tutorial

Solutions for your Winter Beauty Woes Tutorial

Q&A with Sam and Nic

From alleviating dry skin to choosing the perfect winter foundation tone, here are the remedies you need to solve your winter beauty woes.

Iridescent Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Iridescent Holiday Makeup Tutorial

glitz up your look this holiday season

Holiday looks are all about the eyes. Keep your base light, layer and blend green eye pigments for added dimension, and finish with a glossy, frosty pink cheek.

Fall Into Winter Makeup Tutorial

Fall Into Winter Makeup Tutorial

a copper smoky eye for any occasion

Warm up your look this season. The metallic smoky eye + nude lip is perfect for the chilly weather.

Evil Sorceress Makeup Tutorial

Evil Sorceress Makeup Tutorial

Be the fairest of them all

The evil sorceress is obsessed with the perfection of her appearance and will go to any lengths to maintain it. Become a part of this villainous obsession for Halloween and turn heads with this dark, enchantingly beautiful look.

Think Pink Makeup Tutorial

Think Pink Makeup Tutorial

in honor of Breast Health Awareness Month

Choose one feature to make pink – lips, eyes, cheeks – or even all three through the month of October to show your support. Donation will take place October 2013.

Job Interview Makeup Tutorial

Job Interview Makeup Tutorial

make a great first impression

Minimal makeup and nude colors are the keys to a professional look.

Big Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Big Eyes Makeup Tutorial

inspired by Zooey Deschanel

Zooey’s signature look is a downplayed base that leaves the emphasis to big, bright eyes. Recreate this look with natural shadows, false lashes, and her trademark light liner on the base waterline.

Contouring 101 Makeup Tutorial

Contouring 101 Makeup Tutorial

enhance or understate your face shape and features

Sam’s shading and highlighting tips for cheekbones, forehead, nose, chin, and eyes – plus the scoop on round, oval, heart, and square-shaped faces.

Iconic Madonna Makeup Tutorial

Iconic Madonna Makeup Tutorial

by special guest Nic Chapman

Madonna has always embraced strength, inside and out.  Recreate her strong, late 80’s look: full, flicked-up brows, peachy grey winged-out eyes, and bright red glossy lips.

Emerald Eye Makeup Tutorial

Emerald Eye Makeup Tutorial

inspired by Pantone’s color of the year

Emerald is everywhere. Sam pairs green + teal to create a look that's strong but completely wearable... not to mention completely head-turning.

Classic Beauty Makeup Tutorial

Classic Beauty Makeup Tutorial

inspired by Kate Middleton

If anyone lives a life of classic style, it's Kate Middleton. This look features full-on makeup with a focus on eyeliner and blush, but in a way that's subtle, feminine, and refined.

Makeup for a Friend Tutorial

Makeup for a Friend Tutorial

with special guest Nic Chapman

Parties, weddings, prom – at one point or another, most women have been asked to do a friend’s makeup. Sam demonstrates a simple look on her sister with tips for artists-in-training.

Little Black Dress Makeup Tutorial

Little Black Dress Makeup Tutorial

the perfect go-to makeup

When you need a classic outfit, you head to the closet for your little black dress. When you need the makeup to go with it, this is the look for you.

Winter Shimmer Makeup Tutorial

Winter Shimmer Makeup Tutorial

for a soft, radiant appearance no matter the weather

It's that time of year when you want your skin to have a healthy sheen more than ever. Sam shows how to create a subtle pearlescent look, starting with light-reflecting primer and ending with simple moisturized lips.

holiday day-to-night makeup tutorial

Holiday Day-to-Night Makeup Tutorial

step up your day makeup before your night out

Socialites don't always have time to stop home after work. Sam can show you how to amplify your basic office makeup with gold glitter, deeper eye makeup, and lips that pop.

twilight hour makeup tutorial

Twilight Hour Makeup Tutorial

a hauntingly beautiful matte evening look

Combine brown shadow, simple black liner, and a natural red lip for the perfect fall look.

metal futures makeup tutorial

Metal Futures Makeup Tutorial

next season’s metallic: dark, luminescent, extraordinary

Gold and silver are so last season. Update your evening look with shadowy, iridescent eyes.

phoenix makeup tutorial

phoenix makeup tutorial

be reborn as the hauntingly beautiful bird

This exotic makeup highlights fiery, feathered eyes and sketched bottom lashes. Sam hand-paints her false lashes to create three-dimensional color for your most immortal Halloween look yet.

School Formal Makeup Tutorial

school formal makeup tutorial

be unforgettable at your homecoming or prom

This is one night when everyone wants to look amazing. This look does it with dark eyes + lightly flushed cheeks.

makeup do's and dont's tutorial

makeup do's and dont's tutorial

a dual-faced look showing the best + worst of everyday makeup

Makeup is what you make it. Learn a few basic rules every woman should know to reveal their inner gorgeous.

eyeglasses makeup tutorial

eyeglasses makeup tutorial

smart tips for convex, concave, or faux lenses

Whether you sport glasses everyday or just love cashing in on the latest eyewear trend, this tutorial will give you the formula to make your eyes stand out.

the pop artist makeup tutorial

the "pop" artist makeup tutorial

aqua smoky eye inspired by Katy Perry

A dramatic smoky eye with a pop of summer's hottest marine-inspired colors, perfect for coordinating with boldly colored looks.

bronze goddess makeup tutorial

bronze goddess makeup tutorial

a gorgeously golden summer look

Take being sun-kissed to a whole new level this summer. Carefully apply bronzer where the sun naturally hits the face for a captivating, golden glow.

summer solutions makeup tutorial

Summer Solutions Makeup Tutorial

inspired by Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games

If Katniss can look beautiful in any climate, so can you. Prevent summer makeup meltdown with this lightweight, quick, and easy look. This makeup will hold up in humidity for a flawless face on any occasion.

bridal makeup tutorial

Bridal Makeup Tutorial

become a radiant and unforgettable beauty

Create a flawless, long-lasting look that's perfect for your special day. The soft eye shadow palette beautifully emphasizes the eyes, while also enhancing the natural glow of every bride.

butterfl-eye makeup tutorial

Butterfl*eye Makeup Tutorial

transform your look with multi-dimensional, iridescent shadows

This latest runway look is inspired by the texture and colors of butterfly wings. Simply build your colors, and blend, blend, blend. Add a creamy pink blush, set with powder and finish with a nude lip balm to keep the focus on your eyes.

bohemian siren makeup tutorial

Bohemian Siren Makeup Tutorial

inspired by Lana Del Rey

This free-spirited look draws them in with flirty, false lashes and subtle pink hues. Finish with a perfect pout by highlighting your cupid's bow and glossing your lower lip.

new year's eve glitter eye makeup tutorial

New Year's Eve Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

ring in the new year with sparkle + shine

New year – new look. Combine a sheer base, rosy cheeks, and gloss with the definitive glittery eye. Silver and pink intermix to make you both ultra-glamorous and ultra-feminine.

holiday cocktail look makeup tutorial

Holiday Cocktail Look Makeup Tutorial

elegant makeup for this season's parties

Be the belle of the ball this holiday season. With a shimmery smoky eye, you will wow family and co-workers alike. Add a bit of glam with gorgeous false lashes.

rock the color block makeup tutorial

Rock The Color Block Makeup Tutorial

an artful, color-confident shadow look

Create an eye-popping look by color blocking your shadow. All you need is a bit of bright blush, and a soft gloss to enhance your bold eyes. Be sure to complete the look with false lashes.

diva lash makeup tutorial

Diva Lash Makeup Tutorial

a modern cat-eye, inspired by Adele

Create a brilliant cat-eye, with dramatic false lashes. With a neutral lip, your eyes will be the main attraction on your night out or special event.

halloween makeup tutorial

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

inspired by Morticia Addams

Create an eerie, seductive look for your Halloween night out. With blood red lips and dark, dramatic eyes - you'll be making Goth glamorous.

back-to-school makeup tutorial

back-to-school Makeup Tutorial

simply smart

Create a fresh, natural look that's perfect for all your new fall outfits. With defined brows, warm shadow, rosy cheeks, and rich gloss - you'll be setting the curve.

modern smoky eye makeup tutorial

Modern Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

a fresh take on a classic look

Create a flawless smoky eye look. Customize your results by using dark colors for a smoldering effect, or dial down the drama with lighter tones. Then, complete the look with bronzed cheeks and simple glossy lips.

high-glamour evening makeup tutorial

High-Glamour Evening Makeup Tutorial

turn heads on your night out

Samantha Chapman's step-by-step makeup tutorial creates a dramatic evening look. Start with simple face makeup and finish with dark, shimmering eyes and killer red lips. Be a knock-out on your night out.

quick and easy everyday makeup tutorial

Quick + Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial

effortlessly gorgeous

Samantha Chapman's step-by-step guide creates an effortlessly gorgeous, everyday look. With lighter shades and a bit of definition, you’ll be able to create a quick and easy look that’s pixel perfect.

healthy glow makeup tutorial

Healthy Glow Makeup Tutorial

a natural, dewy look

Samantha Chapman’s step-by-step makeup tutorial shows a natural, healthy glow. Light, creamy base coverage, shimmery cheeks, and highlighter makes this look the ultimate in natural radiance. Use brown tones instead of black to keep it looking effortless.

1960s inspired

Retro Makeup Tutorial

1960s inspired

Samantha Chapman's step-by-step makeup tutorial creates a classic retro look, complete with nude lips and deep-socket eyes. Add a strong, defined brow, and this mod makeup will really make your eyes stand out.

the brushes

Mini Brush Trio

Mini Brush Trio Tutorial

your solution for a flawless look on-the-go

These mini, multi-purpose brushes are the perfect size to throw in your handbag for quick touch-ups throughout the day. Plus, easily transform your look from work-appropriate to nighttime sultry without missing a beat.

Retractable Lip Brush

Retractable Lip Brush Tutorial

line + define to create the perfect lip

Don't forget to throw this sleek brush into your hand bag for quick touch-ups throughout the day. This brush features an ultra-firm tapered tip that applies color smoothly and expertly lines the contours of the lip for added definition.

Retractable Kabuki Brush

Retractable Kabuki Brush Tutorial

An essential on-the-go tool

Go mobile with our new retractable kabuki that evenly applies powders, bronzers or brush. For perfect cheekbones, use with bronzer or highlighter to define and contour the hollows of the cheeks + use with brush to fill out the apples of the cheeks.

Retractable Bronzer Brush

Retractable Bronzer Brush Tutorial

give your skin a rich, healthy glow

This brush is the key for creating a natural finish by expertly blending bronzer or finishing powder. Carefully apply bronzer where the sun naturally hits the face to give your skin a rich, healthy glow.

Silicone Liner Brush Tutorial

Silicone Liner Brush Tutorial

applying eyeliner is now easier than ever

This brush is the ultimate tool for smooth, precise application of liquid or cream eyeliner. The easy-to-clean silicone tip provides a smooth application of product without pulling or tugging the skin.

Sam's Picks Tutorial

Sam's Picks Tutorial

a collection of Sam's favorite brushes

Complete any look with this limited edition collection. The set features 5 core brushes plus 1 exclusive: the essential crease brush, which has a soft, tapered design for effortless contouring.

Miracle Complexion Sponge Tutorial

Miracle Complexion Sponge Tutorial

never blend the same again

Optimize your beauty routine with this 3-in-1 multi-functional sponge. Its versatile design evenly blends makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish.

duo-fiber collection

duo-fiber collection

the secret to buildable color

This limited edition collection is the first & only dual-fiber set in the Real Techniques brush line.  If you love the stippling brush, you’ll love this 3-piece set with custom-designed face, contour, and eye brushes.  Dual-fibers are best for creating soft layers and adding texture, from light to dense.

stippling, buffing, and expert face brush tutorial

stippling, buffing, and expert face brush tutorial

what is the difference between these 3 brushes?

With each of these brushes being multi-functional, it's easy to be unsure of when to use one over another. Watch Sam's helpful hints on how to get the most out of each of these brushes and then get started creating your own pixel-perfect look.

fine liner brush tutorial

fine liner brush tutorial

perfect for precision application

Samantha Chapman uses her fine liner brush to create a color pop, winged liner. This brush is the ultimate for precise application of liquid or cream liners. Use every day with a basic black or brown liner.

setting brush tutorial

setting brush tutorial

highlight, contour and easily set powder

Samantha Chapman uses her setting brush to create an ethereal glow. Whether you are using cream or powder highlighter or setting powder under eyes on in the contours of your face, this brush in the perfect tool.

expert face brush tutorial

expert face brush tutorial

blend and buff for a flawless base

Samantha Chapman uses her expert face brush to create a fresh Victorian look inspired by Downton Abbey. Recreate this look with this fantastic, multi-purpose brush.

core collection tutorial

Core Collection Tutorial

essentials for a flawless face

Sam's easy method to creating a perfect canvas. This core collection of coverage essentials helps you easily achieve a high-definition complexion from start to finish.

powder brush tutorial

Powder Brush Tutorial

for face + body powders

Samantha Chapman's domed powder brush helps your product glide on perfectly. Use it with loose powder, pressed powder, mineral powder, or for a sheer application of bronzer. Its large size also makes it ideal for applying product to the neck, collarbone, and body.

foundation brush tutorial

Foundation Brush Tutorial

for a perfectly smooth complexion

The angled shape of Samantha Chapman's foundation brush aligns effortlessly to the contours of your face – under the eyes, around the nose, and in the creases – for an even foundation application.

lash-brow groomer tutorial

Lash-Brow Groomer Tutorial

a brilliant tool for brilliant eyes

This groomer, with dense nylon bristles and precision metal teeth, is essential for defined, separated lashes and beautiful brows.

starter set tutorial

Starter Set Tutorial

effortlessly enhanced eyes

Samantha Chapman's step-by-step makeup tutorial enhances your eye makeup. This easy guide will show you one way to begin using the starter set of makeup brushes to create amazing eye makeup. Then, customize your look with lighter or darker tones of eye shadow.

shading brush tutorial

Shading Brush Tutorial

the quintessential eye brush

Samantha Chapman's classic eye shading brush is the first eye brush you’ll need to create any look from subtle to dramatic.

kabuki brush tutorial

Kabuki Brush Tutorial

2-in-1 for perfect cheekbones

This awesome little kabuki brush is your pass to completely perfect cheekbones. Use it flat with bronzer to define and contour the hollows of the cheeks. Then, fold it and use with blush to fill out the apples of the cheeks.

blush brush tutorial

Blush Brush Tutorial

for picture-perfect, rosy cheeks

The best blush brush can do it all. Use Samantha Chapman’s surprisingly versatile brush to contour, define, and shade perfectly. Plus, it works brilliantly with all types of face makeup, including blush, bronzer, and powder.

stippling brush tutorial

Stippling Brush Tutorial

the multi-purpose trade secret

Samantha Chapman's stippling brush is a trade secret for creating high definition results with all mediums of makeup. Its duo-fiber design allows it to pick up and hold product in the base bristles – while the top, feathery bristles give you a smooth, flawless finish.

travel essentials tutorial

Travel Essentials Tutorial

basics of day-to-night makeup

Samantha Chapman's quintessential makeup tutorial creates a fresh-faced day look. Or, add a bit of dark shadow, eyeliner, and cream highlighter to enhance your results for an evening out.

brush cleaning tutorial

Brush Cleaning Tutorial

get the best from your brush

Sam's step-by-step guide will teach you how to deep clean or spot clean your brushes for the best makeup results every time.

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