Real Tips: 4 Ways to Revive Your Skin

For us, the last week of the year is all about rejuvenating and restarting, but ironically the dry air (and indulgences) of the holiday season can leave skin anything but refreshed … so we’ve compiled four quick tips to revive your skin and get your 2012 started in style!

1. Clean Your Makeup Brushes: Clean brushes make for clean skin!  Use the last of your downtime to deep cleanse your brushes.  You can watch Sam’s easy step-by-step on how to clean makeup brushes here.

2. Get Comfortable with Highlighter: Applying a lightly shimmering highlighter with the Stippling Brush is one of Sam’s favorite ways to create a healthy glow.  If you’re afraid of looking overly-shiny, pick up a highlighter like LORAC Oil-Free Luminizer (~$28) and practice application with Sam’s Healthy Glow makeup tutorial as your guide.

3. Switch From Basic to Balm: Beauty balms are a hot new beauty must-have, creating a flawless finish similar to a tinted moisturizer, but with added moisture, coverage, sunscreen and anti-aging benefits.  Try applying Dr. Jart’s Water Fuse Blemish Base (~$42) with your Foundation Brush for a truly HD-ready finish.

4. Refresh with Mist: Winter wind and the parching air of indoor heating can dry out skin throughout the day.  Try finishing your look with a moisturizing makeup setting spray like Urban Decay’s Dew Me (~$29).  Throw it in your bag for a revitalizing refresh later in the day!

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Image credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

  • Hanna Magnusson

    I thought Pixiwoo boycotted Benefit since they test on animals…?

    • Katy Hunt

      Uuuuh. There’s no Benefit products listed in this article so I don’t see your point.

      • Hanna Magnusson

        Oh, just saw your answer. A year later… Haha. Well, I must have posted this at the wrong place or maybe they changed the article and took away the Benefit part after my comment…